How do I book an appointment?
You can book Online, call or text salon on 0419 498 872. Please email bellevousdayspa@bigpond.com for Cosmetic Tattooing appointments.
Please allow up to 48 business hours for a response. A deposit is required to secure your appointment and will be deducted off your treatment on the day, if you miss or fail to show up you will forfeit your deposit.
How long will my appointment take?
Henna & Sculpt – 30 minutes
Lash Lift & Tint – 45 minutes
Cosmetic Tattoo – 2.5 hours 

Lash Lift & Tint:

How long does it last? You will retain your gorgeous curl for up to eight weeks and tint up to four, we recommend you brush your lashes daily and use a good lash serum to maintain good health of your natural lashes.

Can I have a Lash Lift if I have false lashes? No you must lift using your natural lashes.

Cosmetic Tattooing: 

What Ombre Brows? This look is longer lasting and will give a more solid effect in some areas. To create this look we use a machine with an electronic hand tool attached to a sterile fine needle to shade, define and enhance your facial features. We discuss all methods at your consultation and recommend, which you are best, suited for. 

How long does it last? Tattoo pigments are not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional tattoos, therefore the area will naturally fade overtime. Skincare routine will also affect the lasting effects of the pigment: patients who tan, use products with AHA or Glycolic Acid will fade faster as your skin will resurface quicker. Every individual’s colour retention will vary. To maintain the brows looking fresh, a touch up is suggested every 12 months. We have a realistic approach to cosmetic tattooing and only want the best results for you as an individual to suit your face & features. Clients have a consultation on the day with the options to have a separate consultation before the procedure or the option of sending through pictures of the brows to establish if the procedure can be done. We request that these pictures are filter free, with no makeup on the area and un-cropped to allow us to zoom in if necessary. Some clients may not be suitable candidates for cosmetic tattooing, so please ensure you disclose any medical conditions when making a booking. We may require you to bring additional information from your GP to your consultation.

Please ensure you inform us of the following before treatment:

· If you are pregnant or breast feeding

· Under the age of 18

· Any allergies you may suffer from

· If you are taking any medications

· Any medical conditions you may have (may require a physician’s note)

· Prone to scarring and Keloid scarring

· Any reactions to Tinting, Waxing or Threading

· Any recent Cosmetic Injectables 

A week before the cosmetic tattoo we also advise you to stop using any products with Retin A & AHA. If you are on Roaccutane or any other medication that may affect the skin please contact us to discuss.

We recommend you stop taking fish oil 2 weeks prior to treatment and avoid coffee and too many liquids on the day. 

Will you touch up someone else’s Brow Tattoo work? No. Our touch up service is only for our existing clients. If you have had your brows done elsewhere, we do not go over them until they have completely faded.

Will I need to use makeup, tint or wax brows after cosmetic tattoo? Yes as the tattoo works as a guide for you and overtime will fade so you may need to fill them in, if your hair is naturally lighter than tattooed pigment you may need to tint to match. Also depending on shape some plucking and waxing may be necessary to keep shape sharp. 

Is the procedure painful? Every individual’s pain levels differ. Some clients may experience slight discomfort and a stinging sensation, others feel slight pressure. Be mentally prepared as it is cosmetic tattooing, it is not pain-free. 

Will you shave or remove my natural eyebrows before tattoo? Absolutely not. We will shape your natural brows prior to treatment as we prefer as much natural hair as possible to help create a natural, fuller shaped brow. 

How long does it take for the tattooing to heal? It takes 6 weeks for your skin to completely heal and the true results to appear. 

How long does it take? Procedure takes approximately 2.5 hours allowing time for a full consultation prior to treatment. 

What do I need to do after my treatment? Full aftercare instructions and take home pack is provided on the day.

Has the Yarraville Clinic opened yet? Not quite yet, our Yarraville location will open soon and we'll announce the opening.